Help for Callers

Is your Advisor’s call button missing?

We are aware of this glitch on our website and our designers are working on resolving it.  Typically the buttons will come back in 40 minutes or less as our website automatically updates.  The problem is expected to be resolved early next week.  For now, please use our Advisor List to access a call link to your favorite advisor.  Links to our Advisor List have been added to the main menu and footer menu of our website.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We appreciate your patience as we fix this problem.

How do I call an Advisor?

1. To get started, you must create an account. Before you will be able to call an Advsior you must register and deposit money into your account. Go to the Registration Page to get started now!
2. Find an available Advisor. There are many ways to filter the results so that you can easily find exactly who you are looking for. After clicking the check boxes next to the selections you want, then click ‘Update’ to see the results.
You can find our featured Advisors on our Home Page or click on All Advisors to see all of our Advisors.
3. To connect with an Advisor that is available, click on the ‘Call Now’ or “Chat Now” button. You will then be connected to your chosen Advisor.
Please know that as your session comes to a close, you will receive a one minute warning/or add funds alert. This applies to both phone and chat sessions.
4. When your session is over, you will have the capability of leaving written feedback. Please do so in your Click4Advisor User Account.

Who pays for a call?

The person who places the call or chat pays the advisor’s per minute rate charge.
How much does it cost to speak with an advisor?
Advisors set their own per minute rates, which is displayed on our live site.

What if an advisor isn’t available?

You will see that many of our Advisors follow a set schedule. Most Advisors have a Personalized “Away” Message displayed inside of their Call Button. You can view an Advisor’s Away Message by clicking on their personal Call Button. Once inside an Advisor’s Call Button, you have the capability to Email the Advisor, Submit a Call Back, Schedule a Call or Request a Chat Back.

How do I use your Toll Free Number to call an Advisor?

In order to use our Toll Free Number 1-888-626-7386, you must first Register with our Partner Click4Advisor. Click on the User Registration link located on the top of each one of our site pages. Please make a note of your Dial-In ID number which you will receive during registration. You will have to deposit funds into your personal account so you can contact one of our Psychic Advisors. When calling the Toll Free Number you must have your Dial-In ID # (which was issued to you when you first registered) and the Advisor’s ID # which is displayed on their personal listing or inside their personal Call Button.

How do I contact support?

Submit a form from our Contact Us page for additional help regarding any problem. We’re happy to help!

How do I resolve a disputed call?

Submit a form from our Contact Us page and include your Dial-In ID#, the Advisors Dial-In ID #, the date and approximate time of the call or chat, and details regarding the session.

Help for Advisors

How do I sign up to be an Advisor?

We are happy to have new Psychic Advisors sign up for Advisor Universe (you will also be featured on our partner sites for maximum exposure). To register, please read the following information in it’s entirety.

AdvisorUniverse is now hiring. We are in search of true, authentic and honest Psychic Counselor whom can provide Personal Metaphysical Psychic Advice Services to our national and international callers.

If you are 18 years of age or older, have worked three (3) years as a Professional Psychic, have credentials and qualifications to back up your Advisor Registration, and believe you qualify as a true, authentic and honest Psychic Counselor, you may apply as an Advisor. Simply submit the Advisor Registration Form (link at bottom of page). Please fill in all required fields.

You will then be able to start creating your Personal Advisor Biography. It is our strict Pricing Policy that all new Advisors set their per minute rate to a minimum price of $1.99 per minute. If you submit a listing with a per minute rate less than $1.99 per minute, your listing will not be accepted.

Once your registration form has been submitted, our Decision Committee will review your information, credentials, and qualifications. Once our Decision Committee has reached their decision, you will be notified in writing (this normally takes a full 48 hours). If you have been accepted as an Advisor, your links will then be placed onto our Live Website. We highly recommend all new advisors send a JPG photo to accompany your new advisor profile. You can email us by clicking on the Contact Us Page found on our site. To learn how AdvisorUniverse works, please read the section below entitled “How Advisor Universe Works.”



Please note that AdvisorUniverse is partners with Click4Advisor. Click4Advisor provides Advisors with their Advisor Account and the full capability to run their business. Click4Advisor owns and operates the Call Button technology. Click4Advisor handles all financial/money transactions, and sends Advisors their weekly pay (via Paypal or Direct Deposit). All transactions for Advisors and Callers are secure.

AdvisorUniverse is a platform/portal for Advisor(s) to advertise and run their business. We vigorously market our site to drive in traffic. We also welcome all of your existing clients, too! You will earn much more money here, then on competitor sites. Earn the money that you deserve!

Why choose Advisor Universe?

By providing customers with an easy navigational site and fast access to high quality advisors, you can count on more calls from Advisor Universe. You will enjoy your business more when you earn greater profits compared to competitor sites. No hidden fees, no percentage hikes!

Advisor’s Business

You create your schedule/hours. You set your per minute rate. You log on and off at your discretion. Your Advisor Account allows you to make profile changes, price changes, set your schedule, view your call activity, check your Call Back List, accept Scheduled Appointments, and much more. There are no forced hours to work and no limit on how often you work. This is your business – take control of it!

Advisor Pay

Enjoy a very lucrative compensation here at AdvisorUnvierse. We want our Advisors to earn as much as possible while we advertise to bring you new customers. For phone advice you earn a flat 70% of your call time charges after a .12 cent per minute connection fee (international calls have a higher connection fee. You may view all International Rates in your Advisor interface). There are no other hidden charges. There will be NO price hikes! Plus you get paid weekly (not monthly) through your PayPal account or via Direct Deposit. All payments are sent on Friday. Please note that your Account Balance must exceed $20 for a payout to be transacted.

Example of Advisor Earnings:
Based on a 15 minute call for an Advisor charging $2.99/minute:
$2.99/min x 15 minute call = $44.85
Connection fee .12 x 15 minutes = $1.80
AdvisorUniverse’s 30% fee = $12.92
Advisor Earnings: $30.13

Submit your Application to Become an Advisor

Go to Advisor Application At the bottom of your Advisor Registration Form you will see “Enter Your Group Id (Optional)” and the number 30124. Please do NOT delete the Group Id Number. You MUST leave this information in the form in order for your Application to properly submit.
A Message for New Advisors

All of us here at AdvisorUniverse would like to thank you for joining. Without YOU, we would not be here! We are a corporation that appreciates their Advisors! We will do everything we can as a professional corporation to bring as much revenue to YOU as possible! YOU are our top priority! You are appreciated!

The Staff at AdvisorUniverse
How do I contact support?

Submit a form from our Contact Us page for additional help regarding any problem. We’re happy to help!

How Advisor Universe Works

AdvisorUniverse is a web site wherein we provide a platform for you to run your own Live Advice Business. We do marketing to drive customers to our website. We offer extremely competitive compensation to our Advisors.

AdvisorUniverse is a Live PC to Phone and Chat web site (all calls and chats are done in real time). All Advisors whom join will have a Personal Call and Chat Button and Extension dedicated to them. Your Personal Call and Chat Button will show in real time your live online status to all whom view our web site. Your Extension Number is so you, the Advisor, can log on and off for calls when away from your computer. Our Toll Free Number is also for your Callers to contact you when away from their computer. When you, the Advisor, joins, you will be asked to add in a valid telephone number to receive calls. You, the Advisor, can then set a schedule, and/or manually log on and off to receive calls. If you are a new Advisor just joining, please remember the more you log on, the more your listing will be viewed. We have great call back features as well: “Request a Call Back”, “Schedule a Call” and “Request a Chat Back”. No more waiting and watching for an Advisor to log on…simply Request a Call Back, Schedule a Call or Request a Chat Back to best suit both Advisor and Caller’s Schedule.

AdvisorUniverse is partners with Click4Advisor. You may log into your Advisor Account by clicking on the “Login” button at the top of the page. When you click on the link, you will view a Pop-up Window to the Click4Advisor Login Page. Click4Advisor provides Advisors with their Weekly Pay (either by Paypal or Direct Deposit). Click4Advisor provides Advisors the capability of logging into their Advisor account. There they can make profile changes, price changes, set their schedule, view their call activity, log on and off to take live calls, and much, much more. Any profile, price, or other changes will update on the Advisor Universe web site within 5 minutes. Call Button status will update in real time.
AdvisorUniverse does not handle any financial or money transactions, technical issues, or problems. All financial/money transactions and technical issues/problems are handled by Click4Advisor. If you have any questions or problems with financial transactions/payments or technical issues/problems, please contact Click4Advisor here.